From Catania

Route 1 (mostly highway):

Go to Messina and then follow directions from Messina

Route 2 (through mountains, shorter and slower, takes the same time as route 1) - ONLY with SUV

Take SS121 towards PaternĂ², then follow SS284 towards  Bronte.

Follow then signs for  CesarĂ² and, after CesarĂ², for San Fratello.

Just entered San Fratello you get into a round square with a horse statue in the middle. Take the downhill road in the direction almost opposit to that you are coming (in other words, make a sort of hairpin in the square). This road takes you immediately out of the town, down to a bridge on a stream that you will reach after 8 Km. Cross the bridge and take the steep uphill road climbing the other side. After a series of hairpin you will get to a straight road with a gate on you right. From the gate you can see the buildings of Santa Mamma. Enter the gate, and after 100 meters of unpaved road you will reach us. The gate might be closed but not locked. Feel free to open it.THE TOTAL LENGTH OF THE UPHILL ROAD IS 1.3 Km, IT IS PAVED BUT VERY STEEP.