From Messina

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Take A20 Messina-Palermo

Exit at S. Agata di Militello (about 110 Km from Palermo and 100 Km from Messina)

Reach SS 113 and follow the direction Palermo

After about 4 Km you will reach Acquedolci

Go through the city. Just at the end of the city you will see on your right a cemetery

About 50 meters after the cemetery you will find a bifurcation. Follow the sign C.da Badetta at your right.

The road goes downhill for about 100 meters, and takes you under a bridge after which you must go uphill (quite steep) for about 30 meters.

Turn right following the sign C.da Badetta

After about 1.8 Km turn left where a large uphill road begins.

Mark the miles in your car. You have to drive for 18 Km.

After 18 Km asphalt ends, and after further 30 meters of unpaved road you will find a gate on your left.

Enter the gate and follow the unpaved private road for about 200 meter